Background Documents

  • Memorandum of Understanding - This document shows the roles of the Arboretum Committee in working with various other University entities regarding planning for protection of the Storrs campus trees and shrubs.
  • Trees Greater than 24in in Diameter - is a document showing a GIS mapping of UConn and all the trees that have a DBH (Diameter at breast height) greater than 24 inches.
  • Storrs Campus Master Plan Update - is a document, dated in October 2014, Master plan process, framework, updates, and implementation for the Storrs Campus.
  • Storrs Campus Landscape Master Plan - is a document, dated May 2015, that presents the landscape plans for the Storrs campus.
  • Natural Resource Conservation Academy - is a program in conservation and land use planning targeted toward high school students.
  • Center for Land Use Education and Research - is an organization for information, education, and assistance when it comes to land use decision makers to balance natural resource protection and growth. This link shows a list of publications and news letters from CLEAR.
  • Suggested Plants for the Campus Arboretum - is a document showing the suggested plants for addition to the UConn Campus Arboretum
  • Champion and Notable Trees of Connecticut - is a site dedicated to Connecticut's largest and most historic trees.